A downloadable game for Android

Candy Gold Miner is a game based on one of the most popular game on the world "Gold Miner". But we've been adding a lots new attractive features.
Your mission is to collect candy and gold. You are gona definitely need to use it.
*You will must pass over the five lands. Totally 70 challenges ( day, night, alternating)
- biscuit land
- chocolate moutain
- milk sea
- felly forrest
- cream moutain
*Diversity items system is more than 20 different types of features
- Upgrade to 2 characters
- Upgrade to a better indicator character (dog, tiger, bear, panda)
- Upgrade the hook (iron, copper, silver, gold)
- Items support in each the part of game
*Beautiful and cute picture, HD quality
Do you like candy? You are passionate about the challenge,aren't you? Get it now and join the journey to explore the world of colorful sweets. The most exciting reward are waiting for you to conquer.


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